The most technically advanced cannabis distillation in the state.


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Moving forward we are going to truly focus on creating opportunities. If we have someone who has any issues, say you have somebody who is a micro-grower and wants to do an invention, want new formulas – we are going to white label – we are going to work with people. We are going to bring them in here. Sit down with them. Help them build whatever products they want. The main thing that slows or inhibits production is raw product.

So, currently there is a 3 to upwards of 6-week wait to get a manufacturer to actually produce products for dispensaries. That’s absurd. No where in the United States does it take 4-6 weeks to get a product turned around. We are going to just do away with that.”


With GH Labs, the process began with the best construction practices. We have built our grow rooms with washable PVC walls that are mold and mildew resistant. Once a grow is done there is very little down time to turn the for the next crop. In just over a year, we have turned an abandoned building into a 17,000 square foot facility on the cutting edge of production and manufacturing technology.

GH Labs is environmentally friendly, equipped with extremely energy-efficient cooling units, automated watering systems that only result in 2% water waste. Organic grow plans. Large capacity extraction capabilities. Explosion-proof extraction booths. and much more. In addition, GH Labs sought out the direction of representatives from Bernalillo County Fire Department and the New Mexico Department of Health to ensure that all recommendations were heard and all guidelines were met. This is to ensure the safety of employees and the knowledge that products produced would be of the highest quality and that no corners would be cut.

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